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My 2yr old unit froze again after 3x already just this year. We were told there was a leak, so of course we wanted to fix it.

I have a Rheem unit & the supplier is just a few miles down the street from here. I called at 7am & didn't receive a return phone call until 11am, so much for emergency service. The first visit I was told I'd get a call between 830am to 9am the following morning, I also was told this would be fixed that following morning. Knowing a part was right down the street from me I still had wait the following day.

I never received the phone call nor was there anyone here in the morning hours. I called to speak to management or a supervisor. Tiffany was the rudest person over the phone with absolutely no customer service cuth at all. Of course there is no one available to talk to either.

Due to her rudeness I sure didn't want to talk to her either. The technicians are very nice, but it just makes them look bad due to their customer service issue in the office. I explained the first and second day I had an emergency of my own, but that definitely didn't seem to matter. Having a contract & loyalty to them means nothing to them which it should due to the fact that we are the ones contributing to their money making.

I sure will never use them ever again. I yet have not had someone call me back about my complaint.

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By this same *** reason I went to study the refrigeration, every time I called a technician, the *** told me that the chemicals used in the beauty salon were harmful to the air, *** liar, other than that nailed me with the price.

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